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Tyrone Hashimoto

Tyrone Hashimoto

In 1983 Tyrone Hashimoto recorded Stevie Wonder's "Stay Gold" in English for the Japanese release of the film "The Outsiders". Shunichi Suzuki is his real name but to get an authenticity to sing in English,he chose Tyrone Hashimoto.

In 1975 Tyrone visited Berkley,CA for the first time and attended a Taj Mahal concert.The music brought out emotional feelings and touched him as no music ever had,so Tyrone decided to devote himself to the study of the many facets of Afro American music.He immersed himself in the music of blues artists like Robert Johnson, T-bone Walker,and jazz artists like Joe Williams,Count Basie and Duke Ellington while also experiencing the influences of Reggae,Calypso,Salsa,Hatian and Nigerian"Juju" music. Tyrone Hashimoto has always been a very musical person.

He began singing at an early age,and in 1971,Tyrone won the prestigious Grand Prix Award at the 1st all Japan Folk Music Contest.He went on to join the band "Tin Pan Alley"(1974)which was formed by Harry Hosono who would later became the leader of the Yellow Magic Orchestra.Tyrone was a lead vocalist on YMO's first recording(1978). From 1981 Tyrone started writing his own songs,influenced by Afro American music,especially Donny Hathaway and Gil Scott-Heron.He became lead vocalist,singing in Spanish only,for the Japanese Salsa band Orquesta Del Sol, recording two records for DiscoMate/JVC(1983).
At the same time he started writing music for TV & Radio commercials
and doing studio production work.Over the passed two decades,Tyrone has become one of Japan's most successful jingle writers and voice over talents.
He has written and performed for about 600 clients like MacDonalds,Kentucky Fried,Chicken,Nissan,Canon,Sharp,Kodak,Disneyland and many others.

In 1988 Tyrone celebrated the unprecedented release of his first solo album "Moments Of Love",which was written entirely in English.He did a showcase which was entitled Samurai Soul in Seattle.This promotion was a great success.So many articles like Seattle PI(1 whole page),Seattle Times,International Examiner(front page),The Rocket,The Facts and Seattle Weekly came out.Radio Interview at KIRO(this went to whole West Coast),K-Fox and KUOW ,TV newscast like King5(5 o'clock news) and KSTW11(10 o'clock news) was on the air.And at last King5 produced Tyrone's Documentary that went to 37 US cities by NBC. Tyrone seemed to be ready to go to US market.In order to shop the major label he went back to Japan to start preparing recording materials.

While preparing he released his 2nd album for Japan "Illusion In The Rain"(1989),3rd album "Slow Dancing".Finally he came to be ready to hit US,but unfortunately at that time Rap&HipHop music took over R&B music industry and kicked all Quiet Storm kind of music out.Tyrone's music was just like Quiet Storm.His managers advised Tyrone to wait for the next chance and to stay in Japan. It was a disappointment for Tyrone,but he bounced back very quickly.
1993 he released his 4th album "Lovers", in which he performed,arranged,programmed,and engineered all songs,in other words, he did that all almost by himself. He started producing CDs & Commercials in his own studio.(He built in 1994.)
1994 he released his 5th album " Love Always" and with David T. Walker(G.) and Joe Sample(from The Crusaders) he released his 6th album "Key To Your Heart". At the 41st Cannes International Commercial Film Festival he got a Bronze prize for Panasonic Beauty Toilette.
2000 he appointed James Brown and produced UCC Coffee Company's Commercial.
2002 his 7th album "Dance In The Sunshine" was released
2003 Tyrone started playing guitar again and released his 8th album "Meruri"
2004 The Duo Unit "The Unforsaken"(Tyrone Hashimoto:G&Vo/Tomohiro Yahiro(Per) was born and started touring all over Japan.
2013 The Unforsaken 1st album "Studio Live Vol. 1" was released.

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